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6 Tips When Hiring A Staffing and Recruiting Agency

Tips When Hiring A Staffing Agency

opcje binarne jaki broker Hiring a staffing and recruiting agency maybe a good option because they are result based service. These agencies only get paid if the candidate they place in your firm is the right match. Staffing agencies have a data base with a passive and an active talent pool to choose from. They have experienced and sometimes expert recruiters on site that will motivate the more passive candidates that are not actively looking to take the job. Here are seven tips to use when hiring a staffing and recruiting agency.

enter site follow site 1. They Offer a Guarantee Whether you are in need of a temp to hire or a direct hire employee, drug make sure the agency offers a guarantee. The guarantee will protect you if the candidate is not the right match, whether their skill set or fit your corporate culture. They would be replaced within the agreed period. A reasonable guarantee would be 60 days on a more challenging position to fill i.e. direct hire for executives or technical positions. 90 days guarantee is reasonable for temp to hire that requires longer training and easier to replace i.e. office support. 2. Consultants to Candidates and Clients

copy trading opzioni binarie It is important to choose an agency that will be a consultant to both the candidates and you, the client. A good staffing and recruiting agency will guide and advise the candidate regarding requirements for the job, suitable dress code, if the prospective employer is a good match for their personality, work ethic and long term goals. The staffing agent or recruiter will in turn do the same for their client: Filter candidates and submit no more than 4 resumes that are best suitable for the client’s needs. They should be willing to advise you of candidate’s soft skills and how it best benefits you. 3. Strive to Establish A Long Term Relationship

Building a long term relationship would be beneficial to both parties. You need to have a reliable agency that will be there to assist you when the going gets tough. If there is a need for an urgent placement i.e. absence, sick leave coverage, unexpected schedule change or increase work load. Hiring an agency that understands your business and willing to go the extra mile is of almost importance. Retention with you, the client and the candidates they place is corner stone of successful staffing.

opcje binarne 4. Takes Detailed Job Orders

An agency whose business development representative that takes the time to ask detail question about your company, its environment and what it takes to be successful. The job order questions should include: location, supervisor to report to, where they will be working? Will they have their own office, a cubicle, or warehouse, will a computer be provided? Skills required, job description, pay rate, bill rate, address billing to? These are just a few basic questions that you may need to start the process. The question will vary according to your requirements. It is also important for you to ask the right question to find out if this agency can meet your needs.

source site 5. Screen and Testing

Hiring a staffing agency with good and consistent screening practices as required. Screening includes: educational screening, drug testing, background checks, local and or national, software test and complete reference checks of former employers. Without these screening you may end up with someone convicted of theft, hired as a cashier to handle your money maybe too tempting.

get link 6. What Makes Them Unique From Other Agencies

This maybe the most difficult to find, a unique staffing agency that is not just unique, but their differences suits what you are looking for in a partnership you hope to establish. Many staffing agency recruit from the same population pool, recruiting processes are the same, and having the similar reasons why to choose them: most experienced, best rates, fast placements and making the best fit. The easiest answer to this question is to find the agency that uniquely matches your needs. They maybe experienced in placing volume temps and willing to go the extra mile by using an onsite representative to be the liaison.

When hiring a staffing and recruiting agency in Florida, use the recruiting experts that understand the seasonal effects on the hospitality staffing industry and will help prepared you with seasonal staffing. An employment agency that is uniquely qualified in placing events staff and office support with limited but reasonable notice. Let Expert Recruiters Inc. be your choice. We are uniquely qualified with our vast experience in providing temporary staffing, temp to perm and direct hire placement in hospitality event staff and office support recruiting. We are willing and able to go the extra mile. Give us a call today at (954) 800-0919 or email us at

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