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When it comes to employment  agency, you need a partner who understands your business and can implement expert recruitment to make your business shine. At Expert Recruiters Inc., an employment agency in Florida, we go beyond traditional employment agency and recruiting methods to bring you the results you want. We also have the experience and knowledge to design custom recruiting programs and strategies that will provide the precise solution to your unique situation. Our services includes: temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, executive search and contract staffing.

While focusing on a consultative, long-term relationship with our clients, our recruiting experts of Florida learn more about your business, your culture and your unique needs. Partnering with our clients allows Expert Recruiters Inc. to develop custom programs to meet specific requirements. In addition, we solve day-to-day workforce challenges, and implement strategic solutions for all of your recruiting, employment and human resource needs.

At our recruiting agency, Expert Recruiters Inc. values long-term relationships with a laser focus on employee and client retention. This means that we have to choose the right people, for the right position, every time.

When you’re looking for a staffing partnership that works, look no further than the recruitment experts of Florida, Expert Recruiters Inc. – Serving Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando Areas. The recruiting company you want to have your back.

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Why Choose Expert Recruiters Inc

  • customer

    Marjorie Campbell, President

    Capital Collections and Billing
    “Expert Recruiters under promised and over delivered. They were able to find us a receptionist, who was flexible enough to also do administrative tasks with changing schedules”.

  • Nathaniel Callender

    Owner & President – Talya Aviation

    “I lost hope, when it comes to using staffing and recruiting agencies. Expert Recruiters restored a lot of that. They took their time to find the perfect match for my business. The Accountant is doing great and I am now comfortable with her skills and what she offers”.

  • Creative Resources

    “Expert Recruiters provided banquet servers and cooks for an event we promoted. They were professional and experienced event staff and all were in the correct uniform. They are our go-to agency”.

  • Mak Elthon

    “I got my office staff by the help of Expert Recruiters Inc. I am thankful to you”.

  • Jorge I Lopez

    “Great attention by staff and management”.

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Exo members dating each other, Is koketso dating lk4


Expert Recruiters Inc (ERI) is a Florida based management team with over 65 years of recruiting and staffing experience. Family owned and operated, we take the time to understand our clients’ wants and needs to better facilitate the hiring process and achieve your goals. Offering consultative and customized services which will save time, help you avoid costly hiring mistakes. Ultimately, providing the flexibility your business needs to succeed. Employee selection and retention are vital to managing long-term Human Resources staffing goals.

Expert Recruiters is experienced and committed to excellence throughout all segments of the staffing cycle. The clients, candidates we screen and temporary employees we provide to our clients, all play a vital role in our success. Our state of the art “recruitment matching” service will save you valuable time and effort. We take care of the due diligence, which allows you and your internal staff to focus on the core aspects of your business operations. Our operation depends on you being successful in meeting your staffing goals. When you succeed, We will succeed.


Expert Recruiters Inc.
8050 North University Drive Suite 209
Tamarac FL 33321



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